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    Whether Virtual or In Person, Retreats Are A Powerful Way To Bring About Positive Change

    Sheila Campbell, Retreats That Work

    Companies convene retreats for many reasons – shaping strategic planning and action, building stronger teams, boosting creativity and problem-solving skills, jump-starting positive culture change, enhancing inter-departmental or client relationships and much more.


    But retreats are only as good as their design and facilitation.


    Fortunately, you’re in good hands. Wild Blue Yonder's founder, Sheila Campbell, along with her co-authors, literally wrote the book on designing and facilitating effective retreats. And Gary Duke is a certified Retreats That Work Creative Facilitator, having learned from the best.


    Contact us today to learn how we can help you create a virtual or in-person retreat that meets your objectives and gets results.

    "Our agency couldn't get enough of Gary and his guided development tactics. He became one of us during our two-day retreat and helped us understand ourselves and each other better. According to the staff survey we took, we just wish we had more time with him."


    — Gail Sheffler

    Chief Idea Officer, Inspira

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