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This Stat Is Really Troubling Me

By Gary Duke

Last week I heard a troubling statistic at the 4A's Talent@2030 Conference that I have to share with you:

According to the 2016 Workforce Purpose Index report jointly published by Imperative and LinkedIn, only 18% of ad agency professionals are purpose driven in their jobs - meaning we have a lot of disengaged employees in our agencies. And this sad reality is hurting us in many ways, not the least of which is to drive away great talent from our industry.

One way we can do a better job of creating a purpose-driven culture is to provide ongoing professional development opportunities. In fact, according to the Workforce Purpose Index study, professional development is one of three core components of purpose-driven work (the other two factors are having a positive impact on others and strong workplace relationships).


The end of 2016 may be on the horizon, but there's still time to encourage a more purpose-driven culture in your agency. If you'd like to schedule training before 2017 is upon us, we still have some dates available in November and December. 

Download our Training Guide to see programs designed to enhance a wide variety of skills, while motivating your staff to become more purpose driven in their jobs.

To access the 2016 Workforce Purpose Index report, click here.

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