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Our latest 4As webinar: Polygamous Clients

How to Succeed When You're Not the Client's Only Agency

It’s a truism in today’s agency world: more and more clients are non-exclusive and prefer instead to play the field with multiple agencies. How well you navigate this polygamous approach to agency relationships is a key determining factor in whether your agency will thrive as a member of a client’s multi-partner roster, or be left standing at the alter.
This Wednesday, June 3rd, at 1:00 PM EST join us for our latest 4As webinar: "Working with Polygamous Clients: How to Succeed When You’re Not the Only Agency.” 
To prepare for this brand new webinar, we interviewed CMOs who use multiple agencies, as well as agency leaders who have successfully navigated this field of potential land mines. We’ll share insights, tips and advice on: 
  • Understanding common gripes clients have about multi-agency teams and how to stay in the client’s good graces
  • The top three client/multi-agency relationship models in use today and when they work best
  • Adapting your agency’s internal workings and culture around project-based, multi-agency teams
  • Clarifying and establishing roles with the client and other partner agencies
  • Navigating inter-agency team communications and conflicts
Join us this Wednesday, June 3rd at 1:00 PM EST. To learn more and to register click here:
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