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New Workshop: Performance Coaching for Non-Coaches

According to Gallop's 2017 State of the American Manager Report, employees who have regular check-ins with their managers are almost three times as likely to be engaged in their jobs as those who don't have regular check-ins. The implication for managers is that regular check-ins require a mastery of fundamental coaching skills.

If we're keeping it real here, most managers aren’t born with innate coaching skills. However, any manager can become a more effective coach by learning and applying a few simple-to-use coaching methods and techniques.

In our new Performance Coaching for Non-Coaches Workshop, participants learn about the fundamental concepts of performance management (hint: it’s a shared responsibility between manager and employee), how to plan for different types of performance conversations and how to provide on-going feedback.

They’ll learn how to prepare development plans for direct reports and will practice their coaching skills during the workshop using real-life scenarios.

Topic areas include:

  • Performance management: what it is and isn’t
  • Types of performance conversations and how to plan for each
  • Corrective feedback: The three triggers and how to manage emotions in the moment
  • Preparing for and leading effective coaching sessions 

This session is offered as a stand-alone workshop or as part of our Mastering Management program. Contact us to learn how we can help your managers tap into their inner coach and, in turn, ensure your employees stay engaged via regular check-ins with their managers.

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