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Catch Me On Sale This Summer

By Gary Duke

My clients keep me very busy with training gigs most of the year. But come July and August, things slow down quite a bit.

Yes, summer is when we should all take some much-needed time off. I’ll certainly be taking advantage of the slower pace with beach time on Cape Cod.

But summer is also the perfect time for your team to regroup on their own professional development. What better time to brush up on their skills, when clients aren’t emailing, calling or texting them quite as much as they do the rest of the year?

And to help you sell this notion to the rest of your management team, I’m sweetening the pot by putting myself on sale:

Book a full-day workshop with me during July or August for just $4,750. A half-day workshop will cost you just $3,500. That’s a savings of more than 40 percent off our regular workshop rates.

As with any great deal, there are a couple of caveats:

  • These rates are only available for new workshop engagements scheduled between July 10th and August 30th, on a space-available basis and mutually agreeable date.
  • Multi-part training programs consisting of several onsite workshops are excluded from this offer.
  • Out-of-pocket costs such as workshop materials and my travel expenses are not included (don’t worry, I fly coach and just need a clean and quiet place to lay my head).
  • Offer doesn’t apply to workshop engagements already under consideration.

You can choose from any of our full or half-day workshops listed in our Training Guide, including Presentation Skills & Business Storytelling, Client Leadership, Strategic Thinking, Organic Account Growth and Creative Thinking.

If you’re interested in booking a Gary’s On Sale workshop, I encourage you to contact me soon. These rates are available on a first come, first served basis and — let’s face it — there’s only so much Gary to go around.

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